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Media and entertainment companies are searching for new ways to reach their target audience, improve their decision making, and grow audience lifetime value. Our audience insights platform, the Wicket Scorecard enables these companies to:

The Wicket Scorecard was designed to bridge the gap between your siloed data and better decision-making based on data-driven insights. It is the only audience insights platform designed to tell a story about your video business from the data. To compete effectively in this evolving market, media companies will need this new level of sophistication in their business intelligence tools.

Audience lifetime value is a new metric for many media companies as they establish direct relationships with their customers. The Wicket Scorecard drives audience lifetime value higher for its users. This KPI can be applied to direct-to-consumer subscriptions, TV-Everywhere, and even ad-supported video businesses. Supporting this KPI are a host of charts and graphs (we call them Wickets) detailing:

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Better Visibility into Your Audience

Customer KPIs can be applied to direct-to-consumer subscriptions, TV-Everywhere, and ad-supported video businesses. Each of the supporting charts and graphs are called Wickets. The Wickets show a host of information to give you a thorough view into the health of your video business, including customer acquisition costs, ARPU, lifetime value, the effectiveness of marketing sources and sales channels, and more.

Customer Status by Source

Allows you to take a deeper dive into your acquisition channels. For each view you are able to see how many trials are acquired and converted, customers gained and lost. This provides guidance for marketing and acquisition efforts on the most effective channels with the highest yield. It also gives you insight into issues you may have in specific channels.

Customers by Channel

Breakdown of total paid customers by the channel acquired.  Within each customer segment, the percentage of Monthly Active Users (MAU) is overlaid to show the service level engagement of subscribers in that segment.

Customer Count Per Month

Customer Count per Month gives you a view of customer acquisition on a daily basis over the timeframe you have selected. For each day you have:

  1. the total number of new trials added
  2. trials that did not convert to paid (breakage)
  3. trials that converted to paid subscribers
  4. paid subscribers that left the service

Understand and Combat Video Subscription Churn

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Get a sense of the effectiveness of your tactics with a glance at the Conversions and Lost Customers Wickets. With conversion breakdowns that measure yield per marketing source, allows a drill-down into each source to take action, and details conversions per product, device, and sales channel, you have unique insights into what is working and what isn’t. Likewise, the Lost Customer Wickets empowers you to target high-churn products, devices, and sales channels as well as analyze viewing behavior prior to cancellation which allows you to apply risk analysis to current customers.

KPIs for Conversions & Lost Customers

Lost Customers per Day

Shows the number of paid subscribers that are leaving your service on a daily basis, broken out by voluntary and involuntary churn. Lost trials (breakage) is also displayed, as with all top-level milestones to help you gauge how events are affecting your churn numbers. This is especially helpful in determining why customers are leaving your service and helps you become more proactive in churn reduction efforts.

Converted Subscribers per Day

The total numbers of trials that are converting into a paying subscription on a daily basis.  The graph shows the total new trials added daily. This gives insight into the number of customers added to your service and the number expected to add.  It also gives you a view into trial conversion percentage.  Milestones are also overlaid so you can get an idea of the impact of significant events or campaigns and their impact on your business.

Lost Customers by Video Views

Shows the service level engagement during the 30 days prior to cancellation, averaged over the last 3 months, additionally broken out by voluntary and involuntary churn. Of the customers that have left the service in the last 30 days how engaged were they with the content?

Lost Customers by Product

Allows you to take a deeper look at the parts of your business that are performing well and areas that may need a deeper look. The line represents your average monthly churn rate. The colors in the graphs show how that particular cohort is performing relative to you average churn. The size of each circle gives you a quick identifier to how much over the average monthly churn rate that group is, while the placement on the graph adds perspective to the overall size of the customer segment.

Conversions by Channel

Breakdown of total paid conversions by acquisition channel. This allows you to see how many paid subscribers are entering the service through different channels and connected devices.

Optimize the Engagement

There are a number of ways the Engagement Wickets reveal your audience’s interaction with your library. Detailed trends of video consumption, average days streamed, and activity over time, identify ideal videos per session and number of series watched to maximize conversions and lifetime value through cohort analysis. The Wickets showcase top videos and trial drivers and explore connections between videos for promotional opportunities and growing audience lifetime value.

Usage Trends

This graph allows you to look at the overall engagement of both active paying subscribers and trial customers across three different dimensions; total number of video views, hours viewed, and audience size.

Sessions Over Time

Allows you to quickly see trends in your overall engagement for both your trial and paid subscribers. In addition, the graph has an overlay to show you the trend line for how long those average sessions are lasting, answering questions about how customers are interacting with the service and how much content are they consuming.

Video Views per Session

Allows you to look into the amount of content being consumed during each session, allowing you to see if subscribers are binging content or are really engaged with the service. Toggle between active trial accounts and paid subscribers and proactively balance your content marketing to reinforce engagement to lower breakage and churn.

The action-oriented exports in the Wicket Scorecard have a direct, positive ROI by improving several key factors within media organizations including Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Audience Lifetime Value (Audience LTV), and reducing overall operational costs. Cohorts of subscribers can be filtered for better targeting by current status, tenure in the service, last video view, and CHI score. This enables better targeting when uploading to popular marketing and CRM platforms. These reports can be utilized to run look-alike ad campaigns, drive notifications for deeper engagement with your library, and take save actions for customers that have been identified as likely to churn.

Turning Insights into Action

Subscriber Export UI

Contextual subscriber data is readily available for export via the legend of each wicket. The data is formatted to easily import into the most popular CRM and Marketing Automation platform.

Export Subscriber Data

The subscriber export modal allows you to filter based on several factors including CHI. This opens up new opportunities to focus on happy customers for lookalike campaigns, target at-risk customers with appropriate engagement promotions, and many other use cases.

Wicket Scorecard Reports Interface

The Reports interface displays the status of pending reports as well as a list of recently executed reports for download.

A New View Into Your Customers…Happiness

The Wicket Scorecard uses machine learning and dozens of elements to form the Customer Happiness Index (CHI). Our unique score is based on dimensions of loyalty, content, activity, and experience. Easily discover which of your subscribers are likely to leave your service and pinpoint which signals have the largest influence on churn. The data export feature easily turns predictions into action to help you save subscribers and increase your ROI.





Customer Churn Prediction

Illustrates personas and devices with their CHI Score and attendant churn probability. Personas are broken out across devices, which can show interesting variations and sometimes personas that only exist for certain devices.

Customer Happiness by Device

Once all of the elements of the CHI score have been entered into the system, Machine Learning takes over and the AI builds an ideal profile for a fully satisfied customer. As the dimensions are weighted according to what the AI determines to be the most important ranking factors, an average profile is shown as well as the overall CHI score for each primary device your video service supports.

Personas by Category

It’s easy to see how each category contributes to the overall score. We have developed a user-friendly description of what is driving the CHI Score of each persona, and reasonable actions one can take to reduce predicted churn.

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